Game On - Spice and seasoning mix for Game


Game On - Spice and seasoning mix for Game

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Raise your steak, doesn't have to be Deer

Up your game with this unique combination of spices and seasonings with added cocoa powder to deliver a rich, smoky medium heat kick. This rub compliments the more earthy flavour of venison and any game meat.

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Game is wild, natural, free range and a healthy and delicious alternative to commercially reared beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Game meats are growing in popularity with chefs due to the great rich, earthy "gamey" flavours which come from a diet of living in the wild.

Use Game On as a seasoning for any game meat and add to taste. For initial guidance we recommend 1 tablespoon per pound of meat and 1 teaspoon per side for steaks or smaller cuts.


For allergens see ingredients listed in bold italics

Cocoa powder, Black pepper, Smoked paprika, Brown sugar, Garlic, Sea salt, Onion powder, All spice, Celery salt, Cayenne pepper

Available in 55g or 100g pack sizes

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