Rump Rub - Spice and seasoning dry rub mix for beef


Rump Rub - Spice and seasoning dry rub mix for beef

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Deep and penetrating taste sensation

Rump Rub is a combination of dry spices for use on Beef.

Suited for any cut of beef, and perfect when rubbed onto your Brisket or any joint. Rump Rub is a hot spice mix, we do advise using this sparingly on steaks and smaller cuts of meat...unless you think you can handle the heat of course?!

Rump Rub is perfect for making your very own home made Spicy burgers. Simply add 1 ½ table spoons of Rump Rub to 1KG of minced meat and thoroughly mix it all together. Once its mixed simply weigh out your desired size of burger and press the meat into burger shapes ready for cooking. Easy!!!

For the famous Brisket:

Take your meat and let it rest for 30 minutes to bring it up to room temperature. Generously massage and rub the Rump Rub all over your beef joint. NB. Beef brisket with a good marbling of fat is best suited to slow cooking methods as it will tenderise over the long cooking period.


Times and temperature will vary dependent on cooking method but for slow cooking in a conventional oven your looking at roughly 90 minutes per pound at 120°C. However - Briskets are like snowflakes! No two briskets are exactly the same. Chicken can be estimated very closely with a “minutes per pound” ratio at a certain temperature, but brisket varies greatly. There are many variables that contribute to differences; the breed of the animal, its diet, the amount of exercise the muscle had, age of the animal, etc.
The simplest ways for a novice to tell when a brisket is done is checking it with a thermometer.

For best results use a thermometer to measure the internal safe cooking temperature. For beef Rare 50-55°C,  Medium Rare 55-60°C, Medium 60-65°C, Well Done 65-75°C.


For allergens see ingredients listed in bold italics

Paprika, Chilli Powder, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar.

Available in 65g or 125g pack sizes.



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Take it steady with the Rump Rub - This can make you believe your mouth has been set alight if you add too much, however if you add the right amount it penetrates your meat with the most gorgeous taste and the perfect level of spicy kick.