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What type of meat is better cooked with grilling?

Because the foods cook faster it is best to cook lean, tender meats such as chicken breasts, pork chop, tenderloin, steaks and fish by this method. 

What do you mean slow cooking methods?

Cooking meat at lower temperature with an indirect heat source generally between 110 and 120ºC and over a long period.  Ideal for cuts that need much longer to tenderise such as Beef Brisket, Pork loin, shoulder or butts, ribs, Lamb shanks are typically cuts that would be slow cooked.


Dry rubs made of spices and seasonings only are preferred for grilling and roasting because they won't burn. Wet rubs, basically dry rubs with a little amount of liquid such as oil, water, vinegar alcohol etc. added to create a paste and are better suited to lean tender cuts.

Bohn’s Spices and Rubs should be used to individual taste but a good initial start would be one to two tablespoons of a dry rub for each pound of meat.

Applying a rub and leaving to rest before cooking will allow the meat time to absorb the flavour from the various spices.




Food is safely cooked when it reaches a high enough internal temperature to kill the harmful bacteria that causes food poisoning. While many think they can tell when food is “done” simply by checking its colour and texture, there’s no way to be sure it’s safe without following a few important but simple steps. Please see Links to web sites that give guidance to safe minimum cooking temperatures and you will find a great deal of guidance on line.

What is the difference between grilled and smoked/barbecued slow cooking cooking methods?

Grilled foods cook fast over a heat source/fire that can range from 200ºC upwards. Slow cooking methods such as smoking or bbq’ing entail cooking at low temperature for long periods with an indirect heat source.